Term 3, Week 1

March 23rd - March 27th

E-Learning Week 8

Week B



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University Webinars for MARCH

by Nilan SENARATNA -
1) This is an online University Fair put together by the community of university admissions officers and Cialfo, for the community of students, high schools, counsellors and parents. The entire event will be taking place online, in the comfort of your home.
FORMAT: Keynote + Meet The University
Fri, 20 March 2020 
Mon, 23 March 2020 & 
Tue, 24 March 2020 
TIME: 9am - 9pm, Beijing Time

2) Students please click the link below to see  the list of university webinars specially created for Shanghai international students:
Please register for any you may be interested in and note that new webinars will be updated-so please go back and check regularly.
Counselling Dept

Coronavirus Wellness Student Survey

by Nilan SENARATNA -
Dear Students,
A big thank you to all students who have taken part in the survey below!
Just a reminder if you haven't done so-could you please take a few minutes to do the survey now. It helps us be able to help you as we move forward together.
Thank you!