Term 2, Week 3

December 9th - December 13th

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Culturally x SSIS

by Nilan SENARATNA -
My name is Nos, I stopped by your school last week to introduce you to Culturally, an online platform that works to introduce and immerse you in cultural experiences local to the city you are in! 
We were (and still are!) excited to announce that Culturally and SSIS will be collaborating to roll out workshops that will fill your Saturday programs with fun! 
The current date we are looking to host our workshops on is December 14th, 2019 at 10 AM!
And these are the three workshops we will be providing on that day: 
(1) Traditional Indigo Dyeing (to make something comfy and beautiful!)
(2) Woodworking (to make chopsticks!) 
(3) Ip Man Wing Chun (to feel like Bruce Lee for a day!)
Our partners, who will be hosting these workshops, absolutely love to meet new people so we hope to see lots of you there having fun with them!